IAC are world leaders in the field of industrial acoustics.

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Since defining the industry in 1949, we continue to pioneer acoustic expertise, innovation and thought leadership in industries as diverse as energy, aviation, aerospace, commercial construction, industrial engineering, healthcare, administration and media. 60 years of collaborative, pioneering history means we now have offices and manufacturing facilities all over the world, delivering sound control expertise to a global customer base. In an era of excessive noise, we are, as we always have been, committed to making the world a quieter place.

Power & Energy

IAC Acoustics can provide all types or solution to reducing excess noise at power generation plants.

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IAC Acoustics offers the widest range of noise and sound control products for commercial and industrial buildings.

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Booths, studios, residential

Booths, studios, residential

IAC Acoustics provide noise control solutions for the marine, mining and rail industries. All diesel or gas powered engine requires some form of silencing, whether it be at the intake or exhaust stage of combustion Read More...
IAC Acoustics have a longstanding history of producing some of the best performing sound proof rooms and booths available in the marketplace Read More...
IAC Acoustics has installed more than 100,000 sound control doors
All IAC sound-rated door designs are tested
in a NVLAP accredited Aero-Acoustic Laboratory.
Education / Acoustics Research
Large Industrial/OEMs
Aviation
  • Before building our new shopping mall / hotel / entertainment complex we wanted to make sure that we would comply with all regulations, especially noise. We partnered with IAC Acoustics from the start to implement noise mitigating solutions such as silencers, louvers, noise insulation doors, noise barriers etc. Now we have a great complex running non stop without causing any noise nuisance ! Thanks IAC professionals !  
    Tom Johnson
    Montana Complex
  • We had problems with our neighbors as we were causing noise nuisance for them, especially during the night. After experimenting by ourselves without any results we decided to contact IAC Acoustics. We were given the best practical and feasible solutions to keep our factory running 24/7 whilst keep the neighbors happy with low noise levels. Problem solved ! Great team of professionals !
    Joanna Marzcowitz
  • We used IAC Acoustics to assess and solve our occupational noise problems. Productivity and happiness increased on the workfloor with over 40%. Very happy with this professional group of noise control specialists from consulting until turnkey delivery and installation !
    John Newman

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