IAC Acoustics have applied our acoustics and aerospace pedigree to develop a range of products that deal with the effects of aircraft generated noise and Jet blast for a wide range of airfield situations.

The products can be applied from the smallest private airports right the way through military applications and to the largest of commercial international airports.

The products are all safety and performance orientated and are designed to protect infrastructure, personnel and vehicle movements at airports or to enhance operations in maintenance and environment where noise is a major issue.

Our goal is to promote a protected environment both on and off airport with every application of our products by reducing the impact of noise and jet blast where they are issues of significance.


IAC’s range of airport barriers is vast including Jet Blast Protection Barrier Systems, Vertical and Angled Mesh Barriers and Solid Curved Solutions. IAC have designed a series of barriers that should cover every possible requirement, but there is always an exception to the rule. If you have an application that you consider to be outside of this range, then our extensive experience is at your service to help you with your specific requirement.


The Ground Run-up Enclosure (GRE) is a combined acoustic and jet blast protection structure that allows aircraft engine testing either for first engine runs after manufacture or post maintenance activities for MRO’s or airlines.


The IAC Fli-Pod was developed to improve efficiency of dispatch of aircraft by providing an ‘office’ style acoustic and environmental structure right at the heart of individual dispatch locations at head of stand. This unique capability has heralded a step change in dispatch efficiency where it has been implemented.


IAC Acoustics offers Acoustic metal solutions for Industrial, Architectural and Medical Applications. The industrial offering includes both in-plant and outdoor enclosures, outdoor noise barriers, anechoic chambers, Dyno Rooms and HVAC products. The architectural products include secure facilities, acoustical doors, windows, music practice rooms and studio packages. The Medical offering includes mini and full size audiology booths and test chambers.