The IAC Fli-Pod was developed to improve efficiency of dispatch of aircraft by providing an ‘office’ style acoustic and environmental structure right at the heart of individual dispatch locations at head of stand.  This unique capability has heralded a step change in dispatch efficiency where it has been implemented.

Developed using IAC standard products, the concept brings together exceptional acoustic performance and a comfortable working environment whatever the weather.  Hot or cold, the Fli-pods high insulation values for acoustic performance benefit the ability to maintain comfortable working temperatures using integral air conditioning/heating systems.


The Fli-pod is user configurable to give the customer the right working space for their operations and their operatives providing a true office environment conveniently right on the airport apron.

The Fli-pods overall size is based upon the ability to transfer the completed units by standard road transport, but larger units are available or units can be joined to form a larger space, suitable for crew rooms or teaching/briefing rooms.

It can be connected to mains power and data services through a specially designed coupling plate or pre-engineered cable entries and be provided with swipe entry locks to the doors to keep things secure.

Designed principally for their outstanding acoustic capability the Fli-pods achieve up to 58dB(A) reduction while having essentially standard doors and windows. This creates an environment where the aircraft noise is virtually unnoticeable, meaning that ear defenders can be removed while working within the Fli-pod and the clerical work of each aircraft dispatch and arrival can be conducted in relative peace and quiet.



IAC provide the complete turnkey service for supply of each Fli-Pod and advise on the required hook up to power, the requirements for siting and pavement conditions and provide design services to ensure that the configuration and fixtures are tailored to the customers’ requirements. Whether the requirement is for one or one hundred IAC provide the same level of support to your enquiry and the end product, ensuring complete satisfaction.