The 250 Series Mini Sound Shelter provides a controlled acoustic environment in which hearing screening occurs efficiently at low cost. The main features and benefits of the 250 Series Mini Sound Shelter are:

Audiometic booth 250 series in action

The compact design of the 250 Series Mini Sound Shelter allows it to pass easily through any standard doorway and fitted castors make it completely mobile. Equipped with its own ventilation system, lighting, seat, shelf and jack panel (for connection to an audiometer) it is ready to use within minutes of delivery. Construction IAC 53mm thick Noishield™ panels – plain galvanised steel exterior surface and perforated galvanised steel interior surfaces. Door One 604mm wide x 1680mm high (clear opening) IAC Noise-Lock® door. For complete safety and effective acoustic control, self-aligning magnetic compression seals are mounted on the top, bottom and sides of the door leaf. Window One double glazed unit comprises 6 mm thick safety glass ftted in aluminium frames; clear view 750 mm high x 600 mm wide. The lower portion of the window has a frosted section. Ventilation Ceiling panel contains a 12 volt IAC TranquilAire™ all-in-one silenced ventilation system. Jack Panel Completely pre-wired, flush-mounted jack panel consists of nine 6 mm 3 pole sockets & one USB connection. Lighting LED maintenance-free, ceiling recessed light, 12 volts. Shelf (external) Folding shelf for audiometer, 680 mm long x 450 mm deep. Seat (internal) Fixed moulded bench seat, 450 mm deep, colour black. Electrical A 3000 mm long drop cord complete with mains/12 volt transformer is provided for connection to a 220/240 V mains power point. Paint Finish White polyester powder paint, RAL 9010 matt. Exterior and interior. Installation Booth is supplied pre-assembled, finish. decorated and ready for use. Also available in kit form where access is difficult for an assembled unit. Floor Foam-backed carpet, colour Black. Dimensions
(mm) (mm) (mm)
Outside Dimensions 710 981 1943
Inside Dimensions 604 860 1680
audiology booth IAC Thailand
audiology booth IAC Thailand
Data To comply with the ISO Standard BS EN ISO 8253-1:2010* the appropriate permissible background / external noise level is no greater than 57dB (at 500Hz) assuming a noise barrier headset (audiocups) is used. If a higher degree of noise reduction is required, please contact IAC Acoustics. *ISO 8253-1:2010 supersedes and replaces EN 26189/ISO 6189/BS 6655, which have been withdrawn. Optional Equipment (Additional costs apply) Anti-vibration mounts Alternative wired jack panels Alternative paint colours Mini audiometric booth 250 by IAC Thailand datasheet Contact us for more info or for a quotation.