Controlling noise and reducing sound emissions within a power generation environment is a priority for many organizations. It is essential that all installations have the necessary noise control measures in place to ensure that the facility satisfies legal obligations and regulations.

IAC Acoustics is the world’s largest provider of noise and acoustic control products, structures and test facilities. With over 50 years of experience of designing and manufacturing all types of noise control products for the power generation market, we are confident that we can offer you a cost effective and guaranteed solution for your noise pollution problem.

At lAC Acoustics, we design, manufacture and install everything from individual, dedicated noise control solutions to full turnkey packages. Our extensive experience and technical knowledge of silencers across a wide range of noise reduction applications include:

power and industrial noise control

IAC Acoustic Products

A wide range of standard or specially designed acoustic products or systems can treat individual noise sources. These systems can be for interior and/or exterior applications that complement the architectural character of the community.

exhaust silencers by IAC
exhaust silencers by IAC
gasturbine noise control by IAC
gasturbine noise control by IAC


IAC Acoustics offers Acoustic metal solutions for Industrial, Architectural and Medical Applications. The industrial offering includes both in-plant and outdoor enclosures, outdoor noise barriers, anechoic chambers, Dyno Rooms and HVAC products. The architectural products include secure facilities, acoustical doors, windows, music practice rooms and studio packages. The Medical offering includes mini and full size audiology booths and test chambers.